Are you a Gold Coast woman who is caught up in a busy, stressful life and has heard that a Holistic Life Coach can help you to take back control?

Before we take a look at 5 ways this can happen, let’s begin by answering the big question…

What is a Holistic Life Coach?

With all the pressures and stress in your daily Gold Coast existence, a holistic life coach is a highly trained individual who specializes in using natural therapies to help you improve your entire life.

Now I know that’s a big statement, but stay with me and it’ll all come together.

These natural therapies help to reduce stress and anxiety in high stressful jobs, and can even put you on the right path to regaining confidence when a marriage breaks down.

They can be a great way to gain the courage and confidence to regroup and take back control of your life and can even help you to improve your breathing and health.

If you are not ready for the commitment of a course of holistic coaching, here are those 5ways I promised you to provide immediate help.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Flouting Convention:

While your friends and family may think it strange, being the real you may mean flouting convention. Therefore, it is important that you are not afraid of going against the tide and moving apart from the herd.

While you may be nervous about going it alone, if it is something that you want or need to do, don’t worry if it doesn’t fit a mould. For example, if you feel the need to make changes as a way of regaining confidence when household dynamics change;don’t be afraid if convention says to keep things the same.

You may find that even something small such as rearranging your furniture can offer the feeling of a fresh start.

2. Be Sure to Make “Me” Time:

Everyone is aware of the importance of taking a little time out for themselves. However, often this time gets put aside when other “important” tasks need to be completed. Unfortunately, this can further add to the feeling that your life is out of control.

Therefore, it is important to be sure to make time for yourself. Whether you take one day of the week as “my day” or schedule in a few hours of uninterrupted time each week, “me time” is vitally important to restoring a sense of self-importance.

This time should be spent doing things that make you feel great.

These activities will offer a positive boost and recharge your enthusiasm to deal with the rest of the week.

3. Realize It’s Okay to Say No:

One of the most effective stress management techniques is learning that it is okay for you to say no.

Most people are brought up to believe that they must try to be helpful to others. While this is a great sentiment, always saying yes to others can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and lacking time.

Unfortunately, when you get into the habit of always saying yes to every single request made of you, people will come to assume that you are always available. This can become a real difficulty when you need help yourself or need to take time out.

It is important to remember that you can say no, and you don’t need to explain yourself.

Instead of immediately saying yes when someone asks you a favour or needs something to be done, take a few seconds to think about whether you can actually do it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in saying “I’m sorry, but I can’t…”

Don’t feel guilty about needing time to relax and complete all of your necessary tasks before taking on more work or responsibilities.

4. Treat Yourself Like a Guest:

We all have special items we use for guests. Whether they are towels, china or other special things, we often have little treasures stored away for when we have visitors.

However, over time these items can become aged without ever properly being used. Therefore, why put off enjoying these special things?Treat yourself like a guest and use your special towels for your hot bubble bath during me time?

Ask yourself this… why use a tiny corner of your room for your hobbies and projects when you have a guest room sat unused?

Even small pleasures can make you feel so happy, allowing you to enjoy a little more control of your joy and life.

5. Think Holistic Life Coach Habits:

To a holistic life coach, habits are not those routines that get you stuck in a rut.

In fact, habit forming can be a very positive experience to help you try new things to encourage positive change in your life.Holistic life coaching involves identifying negative self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour and forming the habits to avoid repeating them.

Trying new things can be empowering as you can rediscover your passions and take positive steps to regain control of your life.

You can take this inspiration from a holistic life coach and learn to have the confidence and inner strength to achieve balance throughout every aspect of your life.

As a Gold Coast Holistic Life Coach with over 20 years of knowledge and experience, I’d like to guide you on a balanced journey of body, mind, and spirit.

You can contact me on…

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And together we will find the way to let you take back control of your life.

I look forward to your call.

Yours in health,

Karen Mudie Holistic Life Coach
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