crystal clearing - karen mudie

Reiki and Crystal Therapy is excellent for many other things besides just healing people, animals and plants. Clearing rooms – or entire buildings for that matter – of any stuck or negative type energy is another way of creatively using this wonderful resource.

House Cleansing is usually carried out following one or more of the following:

  • Moving into a new home
  • Following a death or a long period of illness
  • The inhabitants are feeling or experiencing a sense of un-ease
  • Following break-ins, or any event that the inhabitants may feel violated
  • Following long periods of discord, disharmony or any major emotional events
  • Making a new start

Houses absorb energy the same as we do. They can store feelings and emotions within their rooms and walls. These emotions stay in the house until they are cleared.

When a house absorbs the negative energy it can cause disruption with the people who live there. Sometimes, people can experience bad sleeping patterns and a sense of not wanting to be in the house for long periods of time, and they may become restless. There may be a lot of arguments and upsets that take place because of the build-up of energy in the house.

When you buy a house that had other generations in it, the house holds ALL the memories of that house including all the love, laughter, tears and anger.

Reiki and crystals is able to cleanse out the negative and replace it with loving positive energy.

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