Have you ever felt that there are times when you’d just like to sit down and use meditation to remove the stress and worry from your Gold Coast life?

These techniques have been practiced around the world for hundreds of years as a way to reduce depression and anxiety. However, in recent years,they have become popular for the healing of the body and soul.

The techniques, which are often recommended as part of holistic life coach sessions, are derived from Insight Meditation or Vipassana.

This is a Buddhist practice dating back 2,500 years and is designed to allow you to develop the skills needed to pay attention to the inner and outer experience using compassion, patience and acceptance.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

According to the University of California Centre for Mindfulness, it is a state that we naturally possess but are not usually aware of. However, it is a valuable part of your make-up and can be developed to a greater state into awareness of how we experience the sensory world without actively thinking.

It is an open-hearted, non-judgemental and friendly method of whatever arises and can be cultivated by purposely and deeply paying attention to the present moment.

This deliberate and careful moment to moment attention can allow you to appreciate life more fully and avoid living on “autopilot”.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation:

Although there has not been a comprehensive amount of academic research conducted, there is anecdotal evidence to support that this form of natural therapy can be beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

The primary benefit is that self-guided, it lowers stress levels which decreases levels of cortisol in the body, allowing you to feel physically and mentally better almost immediately.

Mindfulness can also help you to get to know your true self. When combined with holistic breathing techniques they help you to objectively analyse yourself and conquer any “blind spots” that may be amplifying or diminishing your flaws beyond reality.

Improvements to Cognitive Functions:

Meditation is not only beneficial for self-healing, it can also help you academically. Research conducted at the University of California in Santa Barbara found that the college students who received training in mindfulness achieved higher scores on the verbal reasoning GRE and experienced an improvement in working memory.

Mindfulness can also create protective changes in the brain. In the long term, this could offer protection against certain mental illnesses or age related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The practice has been linked with increased axonal density or signalling connections in the brain. Tests have also shown increased myelin or protective tissue in regions of the brain.

It can also help you to feel more Zen and focused. It allows the brain to have greater control when processing emotions and pain through increased control of cortical alpha rhythms.

According to the Psychology of Music journal, this can help to improve your mood and also increase your enjoyment of music by making the sound clearer and better.

Another fantastic benefit is how it helps us even at times when we’re not actively practicing. A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience documented that the response to emotional stimuli in the amygdala is changed by regular meditation.

Other Benefits:

Mindfulness can also help you to help others. There are four elements of self-awareness, body awareness, regulation of attention and regulation of emotion.

Since regular sessions can help you to become more self-aware and less judgemental, you are likely to be a better listener when interacting with other people.

Mindfulness has also been shown to help reduce depression risk, especially in pregnant women and teenagers.

High-risk groups for depression may find that the positivity and sense of empowerment created by mindfulness yoga or meditation reduces anxiety, stress and depression.

A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that mindfulness could also help you to shift those unwanted kilo’s. It was ranked as a good or excellent weight loss strategy by seven out of ten psychologists questioned in the survey.

Finally, mindfulness can also help you to sleep better. Having greater control over moods and emotions during the day is associated with lower activity at bedtime, which can improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

If you are struggling with stress, feeling under the weather or simply need to reacquire balance in your life, you should consider trying mindfulness techniques as they could offer almost immediate relief.

Karen Mudie is a local Gold Coast Holistic Life Coach who has a genuine interest in helping troubled people overcome problems and live a happy, full life.

She successfully uses mindfulness meditation in her program of natural therapies.

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