“An Integrative Health Coach that will get your life in balance.”

 Karen Mudie is a Health Coach, Educator, Healer and Integrative Therapist, with over 24years experience.  She offers a unique “one size does not fit all approach” to health, education, healthy lifestyle and nutritional coaching.

Her mission is to help people develop a sound understanding of health and healing principles and practices whilst inspiring healthy living that is sustainable for years to come.

As a client, you will receive an individualised research and science based program that will also incorporate a holistic approach including your career life, family and home life, relationships and social life, spirituality, finances, physical activity, education, and creativity as well as, of course, what works best for YOUR own body.

Karen will educate, guide and support you every step of the way on your new journey to optimal wellness..

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Karen Mudie

It's finally time to meet the healthiest, happiest version of you!

You are awesome!

Just saying…. Seriously – for anyone who is currently going through strange things happening physically or emotionally, Karen Mudie is able to give you the energetic meaning of what’s taking place – AND tunes in from a distance to perform healing. Pretty damn cool stuff in my opinion. Thank You.

Naomi S

Bulimba, (Brisbane), Queensland

No more Anxiety or Depression

I love this service and program! Karen has helped me with my anxiety and depression, and I have been able to phase out all my pharmaceuticals for it. I now have improved energy, sleep, mood and I have less sugar cravings, plus, I have a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with my partner.  Thank you” – Sarah 



Brisbane, Queensland

Gift for healing

OMG! Wow!!! Just experienced another amazing session with the gobsmackingly awesome Karen Mudie. You are just brilliant Karen with your insight and never cease to amaze me with your gift for healing and knowledge of the human body.. I just wanted to say another huge thank you for everything you have given me. Much gratitude to you and thank you!


Ability to tune into me holistically, spiritually, and physically

I first met Karen through our common love of CrossFit! Being new to the sport, I soon discovered muscles and soreness I never knew existed. Meeting Karen as a massage therapist was a life saver. After a few sessions though I discovered that there was so much more to her and that I really needed so much more than a massage. Karen is gifted! Her ability to tune into me holistically, spiritually and physically has been amazing. Every session has brought me great relief not just to my muscles but to my mind and soul. Thank you Karen!


Design Your Life with Passion and Purpose

I had an opportunity to do a Design Your Life with Passion and Purpose workshop on the weekend. During this workshop we all created a vision board for ourselves for the coming year. Today as I look at my board the light bulb comes on about an idea and my mind races with a million ideas. I think I may have just found my Y.


Logan, Queensland

 A program that actually works

I have tried previous programs and I always gave in because it was always about weight loss. This program has taught me to love and nourish my body and my life, and as a result, feeling happier than I have ever done in the past – Michelle


Gold Coast, Queensland

It's finally time to meet the healthiest, happiest version of you!