Would you be surprised to learn that more people on the Gold Coast are contacting a Holistic Life Coach to help with the rising cost, and unpleasant side effects of conventional medicine making it harder to overcome sickness and illness?

It just seems that many people now want to use natural therapies to help heal their body and soul. It may be a request to use reiki to clear negative energy from a home or how to use massage to lose weight…

However, for the novice, the prospect of natural therapies such as shiatsu and meridian therapy can be a little overwhelming.

This informative article has all the details you need to determine if natural therapies could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Does a Gold Coast Holistic Life Coach Do?

Holistic coaching is a type of life coaching, which addresses every aspect of your life and its relationship to the whole. The coaching considers body, mind and spirit to allow you to access your true potential and enjoy meaningful changes.

Most people drift through life semi-conscious or on auto pilot. Often, they will react to events rather than making conscious decisions to take some action.

When you disconnect, it means that often you are unaware of how everything is part of a whole universe. The result is you feel your life spins out of control.

Life coaches appreciate you need to take control of your life to avoid the random events controlling you.

A holistic life coach will be able to help you to take conscious control, empowering you to design your life in a more purposeful and joyful way.

The main difference between a life coach and a coach specializing in natural therapies is that a holistic coach aims to help you soulfully create a fulfilling and balanced life. They listen carefully to explore exactly what motivates you and inspires excitement and joy.

Since holistic coaching is concerned with body, mind and spirit, the approach typically incorporates natural therapies and healing. Holistic human development allows you to connect with the concept that anything is possible.

You are then encouraged to step out from inside your comfort zone and strive for a life full of fulfilment and joy.

What are complementary Natural Therapies?

A Holistic Life Coach taps into a large variety of natural therapies, which perfectly complement holistic coaching. While these therapies can be beneficial alone, when undertaken as part of your life coaching program, they offer even greater benefits in healing body and soul.

These complementary therapies include…

Reiki: This is a Japanese therapy designed to offer relaxation and stress reduction to promote healing. The technique involves “laying on of hands” and centres on the concept that the “life force energy” that flows through you determines your health and well-being.

If this unseen energy is depleted, you are more likely to feel stressed and become unwell. However, if your energy is boosted, you’re more likely to feel happy and healthy.

Crystal Therapies: For centuries, Crystals have been used for healing. Resonating at different frequencies, there are many varieties of crystals that have unique internal structures that determine the actual healing abilities of the crystal.

This helps restore balance and stability to your energy systems stimulating the natural healing capabilities in a non-invasive way.

Colour Therapy: Colour therapy has been used for thousands of years and can be traced back to Ancient China, India and Egypt.

Based on the principle that each colour or the spectrum has particular wavelengths and energy, it’s used to promote healing.

The therapy explores the seven colours of the spectrum; red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet and indigo and how they resonate with the seven main chakras of your body.

Chakras are energy centres located around your body and it is only when these are moving in harmony can you feel balance.

Since colour can be absorbed by the skin, eyes and cells, the energy of the colour can affect you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The colour can be applied in a number of ways including coloured filters on light boxes, coloured silks or solarized water.

Other Stress Management Techniques: There are also a number of other stress management techniques including therapeutic massage, which can also be used in conjunction with holistic coaching.

Massage can increase blood flow around your body, helping to oxygenate the cells and assist in the elimination of toxins. This not only increases a sense of well-being but also relieve stress.

A holistic life coach can assist with all aspects of your life to enable you to feel balance, harmony, and healing with natural therapies.

If you are struggling with illness or simply feel out of control, a holistic life coach could be just what you have been looking for.

Who is Karen Mudie?

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