What happens when your Gold Coast home needs Reiki to remove stuck or negative energy?

A difficult concept to grasp, isn’t it?

Your bricks, and mortar, and timber can actually hold negative memories and grow alongside you and your family.

Yes, houses-absorb-energy-the-same-as-you-do!

Inside your walls and rooms, stored negative emotions and feelings stay and cause disruptions.

So, what are the signals to look for?

One of the first indicators of these unwelcome vibrations is you start to feel drained, perhaps even ill. Your breathing and health become issues that interrupt your daily Gold Coast lifestyle.
You may even want to turn around and walk out the front door.

But before I list some of the causes of these upsets…

Here’s the good news…

For centuries, Reiki has been used to heal humans and animals.

And because it’s a Pure Life Force Energy, it has also been channelled to heal places and spaces.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that attracts better experiences to make an overall life improvement.

We’re all made from this energy and it actually draws into itself more powerful, cleansing energy.

Quite something when you think about it!

Here are some more house clearing signals to look for…

  • Moving into a new home
  • Following a death or a long period of illness
  • The inhabitants feel or experience a sense of un-ease
  • Sleeping badly
  • Following break-ins, or any event that makes you feel violated
  • Following long periods of discord, disharmony or any major emotional events
  • Making a new start

How can I help you use Reiki to cleanse your home?

My name is Karen Mudie, and I’m a Gold Coast Holistic Life Coach who removes negative energy from your home.

And, it goes without saying; attract loving and positive energy to take its place.

When I’m asked to provide a clear description of how this actually works, here is what I say…

“When you move into a house that had other generations in it, ALL the memories including love, laughter, tears and anger remain.

Reiki and Crystals have the power to cleanse out the negative and bring in loving positive energy to take its place.”

Once the “clearing” has been done, you may feel that the house has taken on a lighter, cleaner feel to it. It’s like the building has been physically cleaned of energetic debris.

A cleansing can greatly improve the quality of your life and your families.

To discuss how we can get together to make your Gold Coast home a happier place, call me on…

0418 275 824

And we’ll talk about using Reiki to continue your Gold Coast life journey in harmony, balance and happiness.

Look forward to your call.

Yours in health,

Karen Mudie Holistic Life Coach
awaken your natural healing energy